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Facebook to launch something “awesome” next week, speculations abound

Facebook lovers, hang on to the edge of your seats next week. This is because the world's most popular online social networking service has announced its plans to launch something big and "awesome" during that period, and that it will most possibly be centered around the "mobile or tablet arena". And no, we are not making this up: that is exactly what Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters in his visit to the company's Seattle office a couple of days ago. That being said, does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what this big, "awesome" launch could possibly be about?

Faceook users, hang on tight to the edges of your seats. Apparently, something very big and "awesome" from the world's most popular online social networking is slated to be heading our way some time next week, and that this new feature, which has been developed in Facebook's Seattle office, will reportedly be centered around the "mobile or tablet arena".

That was what Facebook's very own CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, told reporters during a visit to the aforementioned office a couple of days ago, on Wednesday. The Seattle office is widely recognized as the one which drives most of the company’s mobile efforts, and has been known to have played a "central role in the development of Facebook’s unified mobile site, which was unveiled at the end of March 2011".

And just as most would have expected, news of the company's announcement have spread throughout cyberspace like wildfire, and speculation as to what kind of "awesome" service Facebook intends to launch next week runs rampant. However, most pundits are claiming that an official Facebook app for the iPad, along with a possible photo-sharing app for the iPhone, are the most likely candidates for next week's mystery launch, and for good reason. After all, Mark Zuckerberg himself has been rumoured to be taking a personal interest in delivering a tablet-optimized app for the iPad, which has been "allegedly in developement for almost a year", and leaked images of what is widely believed to be those for the aforementioned photo-sharing app for the iPhone has been released by TechCrunch recently, as shown below:

That being said, it is also possible that Facebook might have something completely different up its sleeves in store for users next week. Indeed, ZDNet is speculating that Facebook might just be preparing to launch its very own App Store competitor, which is currently codenamed Project Spartan. Unlike most traditional application repositories on the market, Project Spartan is unique in the sense that it is written in HTML5 and is designed to be accessible by most web browsers. In theory, this means Facebook might have a very good chance of beating Apple at its own game in the App Store department, as it grants users instant access to what is potentially a huge external repository of apps without the need to jailbreak their iOS-powered devices.

Of course, this is nothing but speculation, so we'd suggest that you take in the aforementioned information with a pinch of salt. Still, one thing is certain: the world is going to have a very exciting week ahead of it.

Source: Reuters, TechCrunch via ZDNet

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