Sources inside Facebook claim the social media giant is in serious negotiations with the U.S. Justice Department in an effort to allow the public to see how federal information requests work.  This disclosure would also include all requests under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

This request from Facebook came soon after Google’s request, which was first posted on their official blog on June 11th.  Sources now say that Facebook has been putting the pressure on the Justice Department in an effort to help quell the frustration that many Facebook users have over privacy and security.

In a public statement from Facebook’s General Counsel Ted Ullyot, he wrote that Facebook is encouraging all governments to be more transparent about any kind of programs that are for national security.

Ullyot writes in part,

We would welcome the opportunity to provide a transparency report that allows us to share with those who use Facebook around the world a complete picture of the government requests we receive, and how we respond. We urge the United States government to help make that possible by allowing companies to include information about the size and scope of national security requests we receive, and look forward to publishing a report that includes that information.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft, which are the largest of the companies mentioned, were the most vocal with their defense and denied giving any kind of backdoor access to the federal government.  All three immediately called on the government for permission to lift the restrictions on reporting national security requests for information.

While a fear of lost revenue is the main reason for their requests, another important key issue is Internet security and privacy.  With this latest leak making them appear to be pulling the wool over the eyes of their customers, the tech giants are doing all they can to find ways allow the public to see what goes on behind the scenes so they can appear to be more transparent.  Nevertheless, the damage is done and the longer the government stalls, the more the public will feel as if they were lied to.