A letter sent to Facebook users on November 21, 2012, it informs the near 1 billion users that the company is looking to remove the ability of users to make or vote on changes to Facebook as it currently stands.

The company wants to move to a newer system that allows users to vote on new policy that lets users write to the Chief Privacy Officer about concerns, and will be able to take part in a live stream web broadcast to voice concerns or ask questions.

Currently the company has a policy that states that if they receive 7 thousand comments for a change, users (if at 30%) may vote for that change and the decision would be bound by Facebook to implement.  Now, Facebook says they don’t want any more user feedback to make a change as far as the old vote is concerned. Facebook’s wants to move to a new system that will focus on feedback about new features rather than changing existing ones.

According to on-line site TechCruch, Facebook says that the old rules were made back when the company only had about 200 million users.  Now that Facebook has grown tremendously, it is time that the company makes the necessary changes so that the site runs more efficiently.

To read Facebook’s Rights and Responsibilities page, you may click here for a new window.