No, we are are not making this up. And no, this device is no clone of the countless mobile internet devices (MIDs) available in the market today. Apparently, Chinese OEMs are still the masters when it comes to producing extremely low-cost devices that sport top-dollar looks and designs, of which these sub US$100 MIDs are a fine example of.

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Many people have started ditching the humble netbook and ultraportable notebook in favor of devices such as slates and tablet PCs, and it is wasy to see why. After all, it is hard to argue about the increased portability and convenience which such devices are well-known for. Unfortunately, they are anything but affordable, with the cheapest tablet still having a cool three-digit pricetag attached to it.

However, if one is willing to trade the peace-of-mind of getting a tablet or slate PC from an established OEM for a similar device that performs the same basic tasks at a much lower price, China will undoubtedly be the ideal shopping venue for such a device. Apparently, a Chinese OEM known as Aishuo has announced the availability of two mobile internet devices (MIDs) which can be purchased for only US$60 apiece.

Based on the images obtained by M.I.C Digi, we gathered that the two tablets the site was referring to are none other than the AiShuo A-712 and A-711:

The AiShuo A-712

The AiShuo A-711

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