Despite their cosmetic differences, the AiShuo A-711 and A-712 slate
PCs sport identical specifications. According to Aushuo’s website, both
devices are powered by a Samsung S3C6410 mobile processor (which is
based off the very old ARM11 processor series) and feature seven-inch
resistive touchscreens capable of resolutions up to 800 x 480, along
with 1GB of built-in flash storage.

While AiShuo did not reveal any additional information about the
devices other than the specifications mentioned above, M.I.C Digi’s
hands-on experience with both tablets have yielded some interesting
details about the AiShuo A-711 and A-712 tablets. Apparently, both the
tablets feature a paltry 256mb of onboard memory, a fairly standard
variety of connectivity and I/O ports and are preloaded with Android

Of course, with such specifications, it
should be little wonder that these tablets will retail for such a low
price. But then again, raw hardware specifications are seldom the top
priority for a device whose sole purpose is to surf the Internet. And
even if it were, chances are that a retail price of US$60 is low enough for budget users to overlook it various limitations. That
being said, it is almost a given that the AiShuo A-711 and A-712 tablet
PCs are unlikely to ever see the light of day outside of China, so
here’s hoping that you have a Chinese friend to rely on if you wish to
get your hands on one of these dirt-cheap devices.

Source: AiShuo via M.I.C Digi

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