The standalone expansion to Far Cry 3 turned out to be a huge success for Ubisoft and may get a new lease on life as a retail release.


It seems that Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon has made Ubisoft quite the pretty penny.

In an interview at Gamescom 2013, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that the digital only release has sold over 1 million copies so far. Blood Dragon was a bold experiment, to say the least. The game was throwback to the action movie era of the 80’s, taking place in a futuristic island crawling with wildlife such as the Cyber Shark and the Metal Mantaray. Needless to say, Blood Dragon never took itself seriously, but that apparently clicked with a lot of gamers out there.

According to Guillemot, the digital-only format with a lower price point is the perfect avenue to experiment, thanks to the reduced risks involved. Ubisoft recently rolled out Call of Juarez : Gunslinger through the same channel, and that too has been well received.  However, that doesn’t mean that Ubisoft is going to ignore the retail side of the business.

Guillemot dropped a hint that Blood Dragon may get a second wind in the form of a retail release in a bid to reach more gamers and push that sales counter even further up than it already is. Speaking on the subject, the head honcho said, “Maybe we’ll go retail at one point so we’ll be able to achieve a bit more.”

Source: Destructoid