A teenager from Perth, Australia found his family’s home raided and had his personal possessions seized by the U.S. FBI.  The case involves details about the upcoming Xbox the teen had in his possession that he revealed online.

A Perth, Western Australia teenager known online as ‘SuperDae’ recently had his family’s home raided by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The raid was over intelligence the young man, who is purportedly a hacker, had somehow acquired on the upcoming Xbox gaming system.  The FBI working with the Western Australia police seized many of the young man’s possessions, which included all of his computer equipment.  He is being accused of international corporate espionage. 

This raid came many months after the teen revealed information regarding the upcoming Xbox via his highly popular Twitter account.  Dylan, whose last name was withheld over privacy and age, is a highly popular social media user and has nearly 30 thousand followers on his Twitter account.  Dylan also posted online a new development kit for the ‘Durango’, which is what the new Xbox design will be called.

The development kit is what companies receive from a video game maker to help them create and develop new games for their system.  Because of Dylan’s leak, it caused a lot of chatter in cyberspace with designers and other developers since this type of information is usually kept very secret.

Dylan told The West Australian press that the sudden raid was a highly charged and frightening experience to go through for his entire family.  He said when he heard the knock, the FBI were literally about to ram the door open.  The FBI also insinuated to him that he may very well be extradited to the U.S. depending on the outcome of the investigation.

The West Australian further confirmed that the raid did occur through the local WA police department.  When asked for more information regarding the FBI’s role in the ordeal, they refused comment, but did say that their tech crime investigation unit was involved in a type of multi-jurisdictional investigation into the alleged corporate espionage.

Dylan, a.k.a. SuperDae, considers himself to be a security consultant for any type of flaws found in programs or online sites.  He said that he only published the intelligence over the Durango Xbox to show that it was possible to do so.   He claims that he was in contact with Microsoft over the flaws in their security, but he said he ceased communication when he felt they were only using him without any form of reimbursement or thanks.

It isn’t known at this time if Dylan will be extradited to the U.S. or if the espionage case will begin to grow.  His case has just begun to make the rounds on Twitter and the hash tag #FreeSuperDaE has also begun trending with the hacker community.