With this feecha iPhone app, you can share or view interesting activities or events that are happening in the area. The feecha will appear on the map once it has been posted and the higher the popularity of the news, the feecha will become more alive.

Creative-technology studio developing mobile applications and games, Ching Chong Group, has announced the launch of feecha, a mobile tool that allows users to locate interesting happenings in the vicinity. Conceived and programmed entirely in Singapore, feecha brings the local and social networking scene to the next level by allowing users to share noteworthy information and broadcast it to users in the vicinity. Users will be able to post interesting activities or events in their location for others nearby to see what they see, or even check it out in person.

To create a feecha on the map, you just need to take a video or photo of the activity, upload it to the app and share it with a short comment. Once shared, a feecha will appear on the map; the more popular the story is on the app, the bigger and more alive the feecha becomes. Feechas feed on attention to grow and breed – it is "survival of the most interesting". They grow and change colour depending on the number of views, comments and shares they receive. However, feechas that stop attracting attention will slowly shrink and fade away, clearing space for the better and stronger.

The potential uses for the app are varied and wide – from unsigned bands promoting their gigs; teenager organizing a casual game of footie with his neighbours; a foodie sharing her favourite restaurant's new dish; to alerting others nearby that something is on sale. Feecha is free to download for all iPhone users with iOS running at 4.2 and above. Users can download it on the Apple App Store, iTunes or via www.feecha.com. The Ching Chong Group plans to roll out the Android version of feecha soon.