Since Google announced that it was shutting down Google Reader starting July 1, many RSS feed users have been searching for an alternative.  Now that Google Reader is out of the picture, other news aggregating sites are attempting to pick up where Google left off, and it seems like Feedly is doing quite well in that instance.

(As seen in Apple's App Store.)

Within 48 hours of the Google announcement, Feedly managed to add 500,000 new subscribers, and is now experiencing ten times the bandwidth usage compared to before the announcement.  Feedly is aiming higher, and states on its blog that it intends to revamp its current offering to accommodate the new members. 

“Our main priorities over the next 30 days are 1) to keep the service up, 2) listen to new users for suggestions and 3) add features weekly.”

Something else that might also excite former Google Reader users is that Feedly will take a stab at cloning the Google Reader API called Normandy.  Feedly says that if Google Reader users “give feedly a try before July 1… [they] will be able to migrate seamlessly.”