Closer Look:

As we take a closer look at the A98P
we see that the card really looks like the standard
Radeon 9800 Pro, with a red PCB and a stock heatsink.
FIC is incorporating the gold heatsink we saw with
the A97P with future batches of the A98P, which
should be available now.

As we turn the card around you can
see the other four memory chips on the board,
128mb. FIC is also producing a 256Mb version of
the card which will be out soon.


Here we take a closer look at the
heatsink, with an FIC sticker on the fan. The heatsink
does get considerably hot after prolonged use,
a testament to the .15 micron die size of the Radeon
9800 Pro GPU.


The A98P uses K4D26323RA-GC2A memory
chips in BGA form factor with 2.8ns access time,
corresponding to a 700Mhz effective clock speed.


And as we move to the back of the
PCB we see the 4 pin Molex power connector, which
is of course required to give the card more juice
beyond the AGP spec.


And finally the A98P uses the traditional
VGA, S-Video, and DVI inputs.