Closer Look:

8 FIC AU31 nForce2 Review

We’ll start our look at the AU31
by examining the CPU socket, and as you can see
there is enough clearance for even the largest
heatsinks as the capacitors are a good distance
away from the actual socket, but there are no
holes around the socket for the larger heatsinks
that require a good deal of distance between the
capacitors and socket.

6 FIC AU31 nForce2 Review

The Nvidia nForce 2 IGP is covered
by a large passive heatsink as seen above. There
is no active cooling on the northbridge simply
because the board is designed toward the OEM market
segment and of course not to be overclocked.

7 FIC AU31 nForce2 Review

Interestingly, we do see an extra
4 pin “Pentium 4″ power connection on
the board.

3 FIC AU31 nForce2 Review

To conserve space FIC got rid of
the second memory socket and only has two, which
of course still function in dual channel mode
when there is one DIMM in each. We also see the
standard IDE connections the board has and the
standard ATX power connector.

11 FIC AU31 nForce2 Review

The board features one AGP 8X slot
and 3 PCI slots.

12 FIC AU31 nForce2 Review

The back panel of the AU31 has the
standard PS/2, Com, and Parallel ports, features
a VGA connection, four USB ports, Ethernet, and
sound ports.