The AU31 uses a very basic variant
of the popular Phoenix-AwardBIOS.

Since the board is designed for
the OEM market, there is really no demand for
overclocking features and therefore any voltage
or overclocking adjustments are left out of the
BIOS completely.

The Hardware Monitor section of
the BIOS is also very simplistic, just showing
the CPU temperature, CPU fan speed, and the system
fan speed. The AU31 is probably the most simple
BIOS around, and does not let you adjust many
settings that have become givens in the enthusiast
community, like memory timings for example. Because
we were not able to adjust memory timings to the
RAM’s most effective settings, the AU31 had trouble
keeping up with other nForce 2 motherboards in
tests that relied on memory performance, as will
be shown in the coming pages.