FIC introduces one of the newest in its long line of ingenious
and quality motherboards – the P4-800T. A full featured, ATX form factor
motherboard, the P4-800T is based on the VIA PT800 chipset. The VIA PT800
supports the new generation of Intel Pentium 4 processors and provides the
highest performance and most scalable core logic chipset platform for mainstream
PC systems.

The P4-800T offers spectacular performance with 800MHz FSB and
implements VIA’s advanced FastStream64™ DDR400 Memory Controller. Included with
the P4-800T are 1 AGP 8x slot, 5.1 channel audio, support for Ultra DMA ATA
66/100/133, and the industry’s first full-featured native Serial ATA/RAID
controller. In addition, expansion is possible with 1 AGP 8x expansion slot, 5
PCI slots, 2 IEEE 1394 pin-headers, and 4 USB 2.0 connectors.