Board Features

9 FIC VC19E 845PE Review

The VC19E uses the 478pin socket configuration
and has all the standard clearances needed for retail
Pentium 4 heatsinks.

7 FIC VC19E 845PE Review

Here you can see the 82845 PE MCH
Northbridge covered by a passive cooler on the VC19E.


5 FIC VC19E 845PE Review

Now we move onto the three DIMM
which support DDR333 and of course the standard
IDE slots on the board. Notice that the power connection
is located on the right side of the board, making
it easier to plug into.


4 FIC VC19E 845PE Review

Here we see the five PCI slots and
one AGP slot, which supports AGP 4x.


10 FIC VC19E 845PE Review

As we move down the board we can see
the Silicon Image 3112A SATA controller.


3 FIC VC19E 845PE Review

Finally, the back I/O panel of the
board features four USB 2.0 ports, with the standard
PS/2, Com, and Parallel ports, and of course audio
inputs. Notice that the game port was replaced by
two extra USB 2.0 ports, a sign of things to come
as the game port is as almost as obsolete as it
gets in the industry.