Final Fantasy IV

When Square Enix first released Final Fantasy IV for iOS back in December 2012, Android users could do nothing but patiently wait. Half a year later, Final Fantasy IV is released for Android for a somewhat high price of $15.99.

Final Fantasy IV, the 4th installment to the epic Final Fantasy series in 1991, has finally been released for Android devices. Thankfully, a lot of work went into the version from 1991 (essentially a remake) that makes this modern version stand out:

  • Voice Acting (for certain scenes)
  • Choice Of Level Of Difficulty
  • New Mapping Feature
  • Emotional Changes For Characters
  • Jukebox-like Functionality
  • and more…

“Final Fantasy IV was the first title to introduce the Active Time Battle system, which has become synonymous with the series,” said Square Enix. “It also saw the introduction of the Augment system, which enabled the transfer of abilities from other characters and gave players an edge in battles.”

To run Final Fantasy IV, your Android device should be running on Android 2.3.3 (or higher). Of course, you’ll need $15.99 to buy the game first (but hey! It’s a classic).

Source: Google Play Store via Pocket-Lint