Square Enix finally releases Final Fantasy V for the iOS. Players may now relive the adventures of Bartz, and the other present time "Warriors of Dawn" on their iPhones and iPads.

Running with the slowly-becoming long line of Final Fantasy game ports to the iOS, Final Fantasy V finally comes next as Square Enix's latest in their mobile device game rereleases. That's right; Final Fantasy is now available and can be downloaded from the app store as of March 28, 2013.

Though it is basically considered as a remake, Final Fantasy V for the iOS lacks the graphics and environment overhaul that was made to Final Fantasy III. Instead, it simply refines the upgrades in graphics that was already applied previously in its PS1 and GBA remake. For example, GBA-exclusive job classes are included, and instead of just reading lines along a blue window, an image of the character (following the original designs of Yoshitaka Amano) is present at the side of the window.

Aside from basic graphics and function upgrades, Final Fantasy V would also have a multi-language function. So, app users can also play the iOS version of Final Fantasy V in Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish or Chinese.

One of the most important defining qualities of Final Fantasy V is the introduction of the job class system. Players were able to freely choose which job class they would want for a specific character. This job class system was an enduring feature that was eventually adopted on many RPG's, and is even a basic feature that is now found on many online games.

Like all other Final Fantasy titles on the iOS, Final Fantasy V also comes with a not-so-light price tag. It is available in the app store for 15.99 USD (1,800 yen).

Source: 4Gamer (JP)