Voila~! Once opened, users are greeted to a visual treat of Gamer proportions – full glossed interior , accompanied with the same empowering fiery accents that are seen on the hood. One look and users know that they are at the helm of a sleek behemoth!

Also worth mentioning is the GX600’s offering of a full 104-keyed keyboard! Desktop users who are unused to small laptop layouts will be quite pleased.

Amidst the glossy keyboard rests , lies a large touchpad, providing enough space for movements spanning the entire screen. Two large buttons also ensure easy clicking. Again, we stress the slimness of the laptop despite its aggressive specifications.

MSI really markets its gamer-grade series of laptops aggressively with designs of the laptops done at prefabrication level. The tribal designs are etched into the plastic, giving a "burned in" feel when users actually touch the designs. They don’t feel like cheap quality stick-ons at all!

One rather annoying disadvantage that potential owners would face – as with all glossed-surface products – would be the inevitable fate of seeing their precious laptops get smudged easily by fingerprints.


 Specially marked W, S, A and D keys to provide easy identification, especially for First-Person Shooter types, a similar implementation we’ve seen in the Asus G1 and G2 laptops!

 A look at the bottom of the GX600. Ventilation holes galore!

 The cover unmasked! You have ram modules, and for the first time, we are seeing a laptop that has solid-state capacitors! No worries about quality!