Mozilla has launched Firefox 23 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, introducing a new logo for the browser and a plethora of new features and bug fixes for every platform.


Mozilla today officially launched Firefox 23 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, with a new logo that will replace the previous one that was in effect from 2009 until now. There are also numerous new features making a debut, as is typical of such a major version bump.

On the desktop, the mixed content blocker prevents insecure (HTTP) content on a website being read or modified by attackers by blocking the insecure content from being compromised. Developers have a new Network Monitor tool, which they can use to monitor how long it takes for individual components of a website to load. There’s a simplified interface for notifications of plugin installation, accelerated H.264 video decoding with DVXA2 on Windows Vista and above, and a number of other changes and fixes.


The Android version gets features such as basic support for subscribing to feeds from the address bar, specifying the default search engine, option to make the browser display URLs in the title bar instead of page titles (a welcome addition, this one), and more. Security and crash fixes are included as well, and you can view the full changelog here.

Mozilla has been extremely active in making Firefox as good as it possibly can, and Firefox 23 is a great step towards that goal. Both the desktop and Android versions are available right now at the official website and Google Play Store respectively, so go ahead and hop on to today’s update before Firefox 24 makes its imminent entrance.