Spanish phone retailer Geeksphone has already run out of the two Firefox OS developer phones which started selling today.

Two phones running Firefox OS, the Keon and Peak, appeared for sale today at the Spanish online retailer Geeksphone. However, the website is already listing the phones as out of stock. A spokesperson said that indeed, the phones are out of stock due to high demand, but they are expecting to be restocked soon and sales will open up again in the coming hours. Many developers hoping to snag the new phones for app development will probably be sighing in relief of that news.


The Keon sold out quickest of the two phones. At $119 it’s more budget oriented than the $195 Peak and features a 3.5 inch 480p screen. The peak has a 4.3 inch screen with 960p resolution. The phones are both developer phones, not meant for consumers however; they’re designed for those who want a working Firefox OS to test their apps on. The consumer version of the Firefox phone is expected to be manufactured by ZTE, Alcatel, Huawai and LG and will be released next year. Rumor has it that Sony is also interested in Firefox OS for a new phone.


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