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Firmware update for Seagate GoFlex Satellite brings new features including improved battery life

Seagate GoFlex Satellite

Owners of the Seagate GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device can now enjoy additional features including access to other Wi-Fi network while connected to the device, as well as improved battery life. Details inside.

So if you have not updated the Seagate GoFlex Satellite firmware, simply download it from Seagate's website.

Some of the new features with the updated firmware include:

– Users can now join an existing Wi-Fi network while using the GoFlex Satellite wirelessly; most mobile devices can only connect to one Wi-Fi network at a time, so up until now a user would have to choose between accessing media from the GoFlex Satellite and accessing the Internet. With the update, user can connect to the network which GoFlex Satellite creates and stream media, while still having an option withinthe GoFlex Media app to connect to another Wi-Fi source.

– Support for up to eight users (the device could only support up to three users previously), but for best performance it is recommended that no more than three users play high definition (HD) movies at the same time.

– Option for extended battery life when combined with the current iOS GoFlex Media App (download/play feature on settings page). When the "Stream and download" button is switched on in the settings menu (as it is by default)a single user can watch HD movies (at a quality of 3-megabits) back-to-back for up to seven hours. When three users are watching movies at the same time, the battery life will be about 4.5 hours.

– Password change option is now located on the main screen

– Support for M4A (MP4) meta data (album art, song title, artists, etc are now displayed in the various menus)

– A-Z scroll bars have been added to the Movies and Documents screens, making it easier to find files

– Users can now toggle between the native video player and GoFlex Media video player for Android App on the settings page

Steps to update your Seagate GoFlex Satellite's firmware

Step 1: Exit the GoFlex Media App on your mobile or tablet device.
Step 2: Connect your GoFlex Satellite to your computer using the USB Adapter.
Step 3: Download the Satellite Firmware to your computer and copy the downloaded file to your GoFlex Satellite. (Do not put it in a folder)

Note: Filename is satellite_firmware_xf_DVT_1.3.5.015.bin (do not rename this file)
Step 4: Safely remove the GoFlex Satellite drive
a. For Windows – use the safe remove hardware icon by the clock
b. For Mac OS – click the eject icon in the finder in Mac OS.
Step 5: Disconnect the USB cable from the computer
Step 6: Power on the GoFlex Satellite and let it update. (2-3 Minutes) DO NOT ATTEMPT to connect to the Satellite until the Wi-Fi light on the drive stops blinking. Once the Wi-Fi light stops blinking the GoFlex Satellite is ready to use.


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