Sony has yet to officially unveil the PlayStation 4's physical presence, even during the official See the Future event last month. Recent rumors speculate the PS4 will make its first appearance during this year's E3 event in June, and that we may see its release as early as October.

Sony has been quite busy with their focus on the next-gen PlayStation console: they've taken the opportunity to reveal many elements regarding the PS4 during the console's official See The Future reveal event last month in New York, and again at this year's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco.

Despite the plethora of information that Sony has delivered during their presentations, the PlayStation 4 has yet to be unveiled in any physical capacity.

We've seen a variety of features including the console's impressive specs, the new DualShock 4 controller, and even mockups of the PS4's User Interface; yet the console's appearance still remains a mystery.

Recent rumors have speculated that the PlayStation 4 will make its debut appearance during this year's E3 2013 show in June, where Sony will most likely attend and unleash the floodgates on everything still unknown about the console itself.

Additionally, it's been well established that Sony plans to release their next-gen PlayStation 4 console during the "Holiday 2013" release window, yet the rumor mill has also speculated a PS4 release as early as October of this year.

Seeing an official bona-fide physical version of the PS4 at E3 2013 does indeed make sense, considering the Electronic Entertainment Expo is one of the major premiere gaming events of the year. Furthermore Microsoft's absence at recent gaming events points to the likelihood of an Xbox 720 reveal during E3, which would behoove Sony to make an appearance to facilitate the PlayStation 4 so that Microsoft doesn't dominate the event.

The rumors themselves must be taken as speculation and have yet to be officially confirmed. Sony hasn't said anything else on an exact release date for the PlayStation 4 other than the "Holiday 2013" window, nor have they confirmed that the PS4 will debut during E3.

We have also reported on a recent statement from GameStop's president Tony Bartel regarding the PlayStation 4's popularity. According to Bartel, over 900,000 people have signed up for the PS4's "First to Know List", a list that reveals pertinent information on the availability of PS4 pre-orders and more.

Bartel believes that when pre-orders for the PS4 become available, that the demand for the new console will "far out space" the supply at launch. Although it's unclear whether or not this supposition is true, one thing is for sure: gamers seem to be excited about the PS4.

The validity of these claims will be put to the test when June rolls around and the giants of the industry come together to showcase the next generation of gaming. It will certainly be interesting to see the new developments that take place during the event, and how Sony and Microsoft duke it out with their respective consoles.

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