An original hand made version of the Apple 1 computer is up for auction. Auctioneers say the device could fetch anywhere between one-half to one million dollars. 

Back in 1975 Steve Wozniak dropped out of the University of California at Berkeley to start building computers with former co-worker and friend, Steve Jobs. The two Steves named their company Apple and built their first personal computer, the Apple I, on April 1st 1976. 

As we all know, Apple is a household name today, but it is simply amazing to think that it all started in a garage.  Now a German auction house by the name of Auction Team Breker has one of the first ever Apple 1 computers made by Steve Wozniak, and surprisingly the computer is in like new, still working condition. This computer along with many other ‘firsts’ will be up for bids that began May 25th

Other things being offered on the auction block will be a mechanical computer called the Pascaline, an MITS Altair 8800, and a Nat Wadsworth’s 1973 Scelbi-8H, which was the first Intel 8-bit system available.

In all Steve Jobs and Wozniak were able to make and sell a couple hundred of the Apple 1 computers, but only a few are left in existence today. It was Wozniak and Steve Jobs that introduced the Apple 1 at a computer club and it set itself apart not only due to its features, but because it came with its own real human-typable keyboard. 

The Breker auction bases their estimation on the computer on other models that have sold in the past.  Recently Breker auctioned off another Apple 1 for $640 thousand (U.S.) and Christies auction house of London sold an Apple 1 for $210,000 (U.S.).