IGN's own Greg Miller sits down with Glenn Gamble from Terminal Reality in a new episode of Up At Noon, revealing a smorgasbord of footage and facts about the upcoming The Walking Dead shooter.

So far, details have been scarce on Activision's brand new shooter based on AMC's hit television zombie drama, and fans have been in the dark with little to no actual footage.

However in a recent episode of Up At Noon with Greg Miller, Glenn Gamble from Terminal Reality stops by and delivers a plethora of new footage and details about the upcoming game:

"As you're traveling across Georgia, you pick up supplies–you can pick up supplies and choose new vehicles as well as the highway you drive down.

You can choose Path A or path B, and you can pick up survivors…each survivor has their own strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits…and when you go out on your missions, you can actually send survivors out on their own missions."

Glenn goes on to reveal many more expansive details about the game, painting quite a dynamic picture of an impressively open-world adventure where players can choose different paths and aren't locked down on a single path.

This freedom is quite enticing and has been one of the most enjoyable features in Telltale's definitive The Walking Dead series.

Glenn also reveals that resources are shared across the group, making for a tactical and strategic type game where players have to make tough decisions and utilize their resources and supplies with discretion and caution in order to survive:

"So if I find an axe, I can use the axe or give it to someone else and say 'Hey, go find me food with this axe'. Conversely, if I find some food–healthpacks are food in this game–and someone else is injured, they will use it heal themselves.

The resources are in a shared pool–so it's all shared. You not only have to manage what you've got but manage what everyone else has as well."

The strengths of the walkers have also been addressed in the interview, revealing that the undead in Survival Instinct keep that distinct "power in numbers" element:

"In the show, Rick almost gets overpowered by three walkers. So we wanted to take that and somehow put it in the game.

If you're new and you go against a group of three walkers, chances are you're going to die…"

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct focuses on the story arc of Merle and Daryl Dixon before the met the other survivors in Atlanta, and chronicles their struggle for survival throughout the walker-infested world right after the outbreak of the virus.

A release date for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct has yet to be announced, and as Glenn puts it the game will be released "sometime in 2013" for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.