Qimonda 1.4ns Memory on the Inno3D, while the Palit houses a
heatsink over the RAM chips. Upon removing the RAM sinks, I saw that the Palit spots slightly better Memory, Qimonda 1.3ns:


No need for a PCI-E Power connector on the Inno3D, nor for the
Palit – one of the key difference between a GTS model and a GT model.


Back of Inno3D


Back of Palit



The Inno3D 8600GT comes clocked at 540MHz Core and 700MHz
, and the idle temperature of the core stays at 46C.


On the other hand, the Palit 8600GT is clocked at 600MHz Core (11% higher
than Inno3D), and 800MHz Memory (14% higher than the Inno3D).
It idles at a
lower temperature of 41C, probably because of the better Zalman cooler on
the card.