We're pleased to report that the board uses a top drawer IR PWM and Renasas MOSFETs, in a 6+2 phase configuration. Hopefully this potent combination will make its way into future MSI boards too rather than the usual DrMOS.

International Rectifier (CHiL) IR3567A PWM (link)


Renasas 03 series MOSFETs


MSI has provided handy multimeter probe points and onboard power/reset buttons, but sadly no boot indicators or PORT-80 diagnostic LED, leaving system builders and overclockers in the dark when things don't boot.


The UEFI BIOS is identical to recent boards from their Intel range (don't like the layout at all which clutters the screen with big buttons and useless information), and even supports reading Intel XMP 1.3 profiles on expansive memory modules that the average APU buyer is unlikely to buy (costs more than the CPU you know).


Stay tuned next week for more subzero overclocking adventures!