Join in our exclusive preview of ECS’ upcoming Mini-ITX motherboard for Intel’s Sandy Bridge LGA 1155 processors!

ECS, together with GIGABYTE and ZOTAC, were some (of the few) motherboard manufacturers offering Intel H55 / H57 Express chipset-based solutions to users who wanted to build a very compact system with decent performance. We take a quick look at the H67H2-I, ECS’ Mini-ITX motherboard for Intel’s next-generation Sandy Bridge platform.


A nice surprise from ECS greeted us when we unpacked the H67H2-I from the brown shipping box. The motherboard’s packaging is not only bigger now, it also has a reflective surface. The better finish gives the product a more upmarket feel.


Emptying the contents of the box, we have:

  • a decent motherboard manual,
  • an informative hardware installation guide,
  • four SATA cables,
  • a driver and utility disc,
  • full-height and half-height PCI brackets for the users to poke their fingers through to test case temperature (just kidding), and
  • an I/O shield.


And of course, the board itself!

ECS has adopted a cool black-and-white theme for its H67H2-I motherboard, moving away from orange-colored expansion and memory slots. Layout-wise, however, the H67H2-I is very similar to the H55H-I, which is based on the Intel H55 Express chipset.