12 SATA ports (Four 3Gb/s Ports in white and Six 6GB/s Ports in Grey supported from the X79 Patsburg-D Chipset, and 2 additional 6Gb/s Ports from another ASMedia ASM1061)

PORT-80 Diagnostic LED, Power/Reset Buttons – features that we feel should be in all end user DIY motherboards!


PCIe 3.0 compliant ASMedia ASM1480 switches to accomodate the plethora of host devices (the 2nd and 4th PCIe x16 slots run in x8 mode)


CPU Socket Area. Sadly only 4 DIMM slots instead of 8 as seen in all the ASUS boards unveiled so far.


ISL6366 – Dual 6-Phase + 1-Phase PWM Controller for VR12/IMVP


Voltage measuring points below the 24pin ATX connector


Solid Caps and Chokes that are used around the board



Accessories – plenty of SATA cables of many colours!