First real Galaxy S8 photo purportedly leaked

Could the image above be our first look at the Galaxy S8, the flagship device Samsung needs to perfect in order to recover the fortune and consumer trust it lost with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco? There’s no way to confirm, but going by all the rumors surrounding the device lately, it certainly seems plausible that the S8 seen in the picture could be real.

Rumors have said that Samsung will be going for a bezel-less design with the Galaxy S8, and that is exactly what we see in the image. Oddly, there are no navigation buttons to be seen – it’s possible the buttons are hidden when not in use, although that is not something that should happen in the settings menu. The display looks nearly 6 inches in size, complete with the curves on either side of the phone and a non-existent hardware home button.

But with the S8 expected to be launched in April, it seems a tad early for the phone to be seen in the wild. Samsung has been said to be clamping down on leaks, which makes the appearance of the S8 in the flesh a surprising thing at this point in time.

Source: SlashLeaks