Something new has hit the shelves of our local IT Mall in Singapore. Wi Drive’s the new kid on the block, and EDS Lab has brought us our first WiFi hard disk drive, totally wireless usage… and pocket sized to boot!

This is the Wi Drive:

Just a little bit bigger than a mobile hand phone:

White version comes first since it’s the trend now… but black ones available
as well.

Rather slim as well…

A 1.8″ Hitachi 30GB Travelstar in the Wi Drive, up to 60GB potential in this
small a form factor. Definitely qualified to be coined pocket sized.

A battery pack with it. Battery pack will last you 4 hours typically, when
you’re on the go.

Connectivity with

Hand phones
Desktop PCs


Data Rate up to 54Mbps
Range up to 30M
Username/password protected access

Product of EDS Lab.

Especially useful in conferences, for lecturers to share files with students…
Or even a makeshift temporary file server since the flexibility to accomodate
itself to the environment is there.

SRP should be around SGD$ 459

This will be launched in Mid August so watch out for it!