A Russian film crew recently used drones and a 360 degree camera mounted on a helicopter to capture images and video of one of four simultanious erupting volcanoes.

The Russian Airpano film crew had been filming a segment on five star hotels in Mumbai when they heard news of not one, not two, but four separate volcanoes erupting simultaneously, in a 110 mile radius, on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's far east. The film crew rushed to the area to capture some footage of the event, utilizing several R/C hex drones and a helicopter to capture some stunning imagery.

The Kamchatka peninsula


The drones took photos, making panoramas of the Tolbachick volcano's crater, while the helicopter, which was mounted with a 360 degree camera, filmed the event. The film crew had to battle -31 C temperatures, and ground so hot it could melt your boots, but they got some stunning footage. Lucky for us, they decided to post it online, and we've got the links for you!


Check out the panorama here


The 360 video is here. You can drag the mouse to look around in this video, just like with the panorama.