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Focal Launches “Bird” Lifestyle Loudspeaker Systems

Each satellite in the Bird family is a miniature two-way loudspeaker. Common to all is a 19 mm aluminium dome tweeter. Differences exists in the size of midrange drive unit, as well as bass-loading. The largest in the family – the Super Bird – has an Auxilliary Bass Radiator (ABR) built into the cabinet for improved low-end response. Passive crossovers are employed within each Bird satellite.

Little Bird


Super Bird

Centric to all Bird loudspeaker systems, is the Power Bird – a self-powered subwoofer with built in amplification, data converters, wireless receiver and signal conditioning. It is responsible for levelling your desired audio stream into the Little Bird, Bird, or Super Bird satellites. Subwoofer-satellite crossover frequency can be optimised – a big plus when you have the choice of three different satellite loudspeakers.


This is the white Power Bird.


The gloss-black version: Note bracket mounting holes and downward firing 165 mm paper-cone subwoofer drive unit.


Crossover frequency and phase adjustments allow you to integrate any permutation of Bird(s).


The Focal Bird is not targeted to replace Focals' crazier or pricier offerings: Some of Focal's distinct innovations, such as the double-Verre "W" cones have been replaced by "Polyflex," and the tweeters have neither Beryllium diaphragms, nor inverted domes. The "Power Flower" magnet structure seen on certain Utopias is not seen here; instead compact Neodymium motors, much better suited to the application, are used.


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