Along with Focal's diversification we have some new products to share with you readers. First up is a pair of headphones, that appears to be named "Spirit One." It is priced at €199 (S$354) and should wash up our sandy shores in October.

Want some music, Monsieur? 


The pre-production sample, seen here with it's carrying case.



The Focal XS Book is an interesting two-way powered loudspeaker using 4-inch "Polyglass" woofers in reflex-loaded cabinets for -6dB bass extension down to a healthy 44 cps.


The diminutive XS Book borrows trickle-down technologies from Focal's CMS monitoring loudspeakers, and is capable of 96 dB maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL). That's plenty loud for a pair of dictionary-sized loudspeakers!


We can see clever use of waveguides for tweeter-loading, as well as signs of diffraction, port turbulence, and standing-wave control in this €299 (S$532) desktop loudspeaker. It should appear on store shelves by October too.