When it comes to finding food recipes, there are many which you can source on food websites or blogs. However, there aren’t many dedicated food recipe search engines on the web. Well, now with Foodily, not only can you look for how-to-make-fried-chicken, but you can create events on Facebook and invite friends for dinner.

With Foodily, you can search for the food recipes you want as it indexes millions of recipes from hundreds of websites including those of celebrity chefs and even food bloggers. But Foodily isn’t just a search engine, if that is what you make out of from the above screenshot. In fact, it is also integrated on Facebook whereby you can choose to “like” the recipes and posts that are on their Facebook Page ( And you can also see what your friends “like” too, as well as create Facebook events and invite your pals for dinner.

Started by former Yahoo employees, Andrea Cutright and Hillary Mickell, Foodily brings about a social experience for food recipes. If you are a hardcore foodie, you would need to check it out.

Source: USA Today, Techcrunch