Spotify, which is an Internet streaming music service, has joined up with Ford Motor Company in an effort to allow customers to use the music service in their cars and trucks equipped with SYNC.

Both Ford Motor Co. and Spotify announced the deal on Monday, February 25th.

If you are a fan of Spotify and happen to drive a Ford, you might be happy to know the two entities are teaming up to expand the music streaming service.  Ford says they will be offering the service in over 1 million cars in North America. To access Spotify with your car, you can do so by using a simple smartphone app in conjunction with Ford’s SYNC service that is available in many cars and trucks.

A representative of Spotify by the name of Diego Rego, writes on Spotify's news page,

We have been working directly with Ford to deliver a safe, convenient, voice-activated in-car music solution for your car… Ford SYNC AppLink is already available in over one million vehicles in the USA, and on which Spotify will roll out in the coming weeks. In Europe it will be featured in selected Ford vehicles by the end of this year.

If you are not familiar with the service, Spotify is a free on-demand streaming music service with advertisements. Users can also subscribe and pay a fee to avoid advertisements or any breaks in the song order.  Spotify claims to have about 20 million active listeners with about one quarter of that being paid subscribers.

Generally speaking, more and more automakers are beginning to add more computer and smartphone connectedness to their automobiles, but Ford has been working hard to outdo their competitors with more music streaming services through their SYNC AppLink.  Other than Spotify, Ford allows you to link to services like Amazon’s Cloud Player, MOG Music, Pandora, Rhapsody and Slacker as well as the countless internet radio station’s apps.