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Former Nokia employees produce Jolla, hoping stand on even grounds with Android and iOS

After a short experiment with MeeGo, Nokia decided that it would have a better future with Microsoft’s Windows Phone.  Instead of letting it go altogether, Antti Saarnio and a few other former-Nokia employees renamed MeeGo and continued its development.  Now sailing under a new flag, Saarnio and company have revealed the Jolla, a smartphone which they think will crack the impenetrable armors of Android and iOS.

The Jolla (“Yol-la”) is a 4.5-inch device running ‘Sailfish’, which is the renamed MeeGo.  Among some of the more interesting features about this phone is that it is compatible with apps made for Android.  As we all know, the Android ecosystem boasts millions of apps and Sailfish is trying to piggyback the already mature hog.  Whether or not this tactic will be successful remains to be seen, but it’s a lot better than starting off with nothing. 

The phone’s hardware is average in today’s hotly contested smartphone market, but the 4G LTE is a nice touch if the Jolla can break into markets with LTE.  Still, the 4.5-inch HD display, 16GB of internal storage and an 8MP rear shooter makes this device useable in every aspect.  For customizability, the Jolla’s back plates are swappable, and the neat thing about swapping out a back plate is that the OS will change its theme to match the plate.  This supposed “other half” hasn’t been detailed in full, but we’re thinking that it will enhance user experience through both hardware and software customization.

Initially, the Jolla will be only be sold online, and no exact dates have been announced for its debut.

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