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Founder of Bose dies at 83

The founder of the Bose corporation, a visionary sound designer and MIT professor, died yesterday at the age of 83.


The best pair of headphones I ever bought were a pair of Bose AE2. I take them everywhere I go, and in fact, they’re sitting here right next to me as I write this. The man I have to thank for that, is Amar G. Bose, en electrical and sound engineer who founded the Bose corporation in 1964, and worked at MIT as a professor studying human psychological and physiological responses to sound. Bose died yesterday at the age of 83.


Amar G. Bose

Bose’s company is known around the world for creating speakers and headphones and the company pioneered noise-cancelling headphones for the consumer market. Many audiophiles never fell in love with the Bose sound; Bose speakers have a broad sound design, lacking some of the depth (e.g. in the bass range) that devices popular among audiophiles would have. In fact, during Bose’s rise to prominence, the company’s speakers were rarely reviewed in audiophile magazines, and were never featured at high-end audio shows. Bose was more the “every man”‘s good speaker.

The Indian-American billionaire was born to an Indian freedom fighter and American immigrant, and joined the MIT faculty after receiving a Fulbright scholarship in 1956. He died in his home in Wayland, Maryland. He is survived by his wife and two children.


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