Haven’t checked-in to a particular location on Foursquare? Well, no problem, because Foursquare will soon be providing you with location-based recommendations whether you check-in at a place or not.


With the new feature, Foursquare is aiming at providing users with as much information of what’s happening around one’s whereabouts as possible. Unlike before, when the app suggested tagged locations nearby when you checked-in, now it will keep working in the background and ping you whenever you pass an interesting place.

“When sitting down for dinner in a new restaurant, the app will suggest a popular dish on the menu,” says Foursquare. “Likewise, when a user enters a new city for the first time, the app might recommend some of the best places to visit.” It’s basically like Google Now, and while your location will continuously be monitored in the background, the company says the battery drain will be minimal at around 0.7 percent per hour, the “equivalent of about a 20-minute game of Angry Birds.”


It’s a nice little feature that Foursquare has apparently been working on for a few years, but when will you be able to access it? Well, not very soon, unless you’re one of the few thousand testers on Android that have been invited to test the feature. Others will have to wait for a few months, after which the update will go live for everyone on the Android and iOS app stores.

Any of you Foursquare users excited?

Source: Foursquare