While trawling across he Web, we came across Foxconn’s forums where there was an interesting post showing a new flexible cooling device for motherboard cooling, in particular Northbridge cooling.

We came across a nifty heatpipe solution on the Foxconn forums while trawling the Web. Overclocking guru, Shamino has posted a new Foxconn heatpipe cooler design here. I hate heatpipe coolers on motherboards that are more junk than chunk, hence seeing this design proved interesting. I’d let this “4-in-1” prototype do it’s own talking.

The next big thing?

A 1/2″ capable chipset block onboard?

Fan cooling will work too. Sufficient surface area!

Now that’s hardcore.

Lazy bums like me look forward to this.

Time to dig the word “innovation” out of my dusty vocabulary when this design has gone gold.