I’m sure I’m not the only overclocker to rely on Save BIOS
Settings feature of a motherboard. This is just a must-have – we do not want to
waste time resetting all the different settings after a failed attempt.
Overclocks Gear is Foxconn’s offering.

Exaggerated number of options for something simple and
straight-forward, but it works, and that’s one more tick!

FSB-Memory Dividers are of course selectable, and all the offerings of the P35
chipset are there.

FSB clockspeeds up to 999MHz – the Clock Generator is not

So’s the PCI-E Clock:

Overall, when all one has to go by are the BIOS offerings,
this motherboard still in the Engineering Stage is certainly there. Shows at
least one thing – this stereo-typically traditional company Foxconn is not as
square as some think – The Overclockers’ Psyche is well-read!