iPad 2

Looks like the Foxconn plant explosion that happened about a week ago may have disrupted the Apple iPad 2 production. Well, don't be surprised if the Apple stores near you have run out of stock; you probably just need to wait a while for the new shipment to arrive.

Displaybank, a display market research company, has announced that due to Foxconn plant explosion in Chengdu, China on 20 May, a total of 350,000~400,000 units of iPad 2 production could be disrupted. Shenzhen and Chengdu are mainly producing iPad 2 and Chengdu plant is producing about 32%. Due to this explosion, about 3 to 5% of total production disruption is expected.
Chengdu plant, in charge of parts and assembling of iPad2, is in operation for total of 24 production lines. A05 plant, where the explosion occurred, produces the iPad 2 back cover, and there are four back cover production plant located in Chengdu, including A05, and daily production is approximately 50,000 to 60,000 units.
Due to the explosion, A05 has stopped the production, and the other three back cover-producing plants have also ceased operation for safety check. A05 plant is expected to be reactivated in the mid-June, and inspection period of the other three plants will be approximate four to seven days; they will be reactivated within this week.

Source: Korea Newswire