Mozilla Corp. and Hon Hai (Taiwan's Precision Industry Co.) are set to announce their first product based on the open source Firefox OS on 3rd June.

Hon Hai (Foxconn) is a Taiwan based manufacturing company which happens to be the world's largest contract manufacturer of consumer electronics, and is the 19th company to enter into partnership with Mozilla to develop and manufacture products based on their new and ambitious Firefox OS project. Both companies are set to formally announce their newly formed partnership on the 3rd of June, along with unveiling a new product based on Firefox OS on the same day. News from an insider says that the new product might be the world's first Firefox OS based tablet.

Mozilla has already announced two smartphones based on their open source HTML5 driven platform, both of which are manufactured and sold by Spanish company Geeksphone. It is noteworthy that the phone sold out the very afternoon it went on sale. Hon Hai, a company that has greatly profited from Apple's booming business, is reportedly looking for new clients according to a report by WSJ. The manufacturing company does assemble products for multiple (giant) clients like HP and Nokia, but is looking for more business, as those clients have reported slower business in recent months.

The most exciting news is the possibility of a Firefox OS driven tablet. We would simply love to see Mozilla's imagination flow on a 7or 10 inch tablet space.

Source: Focus Taiwan