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Free-to-Play shooter Warframe confirmed as PS4 launch title


Digital Extremes’ popular free-to-play PC shooter Warframe will be crossing over to Sony’s PlayStation 4, where it will release alongside the next-gen console during its official launch date.

The game’s PS4 iteration will maintain the current free-to-play model and the micro-transation system set forth by its PC predecessor, and also retains the stylish sci-fi fluidity that has attracted countless gamers to the title’s expansive universe.

Steve Sinclair, the creative director for Warframe, delved into his experiences with Sony regarding this project as well as other aspects of the game itself.

“Sony caught wind of [Warframe], and said, ‘hey, what do you think of bringing it over to PlayStation 4?’ and we were very surprised to hear that,” he said.

Warframe battle

Sinclair’s excitement was magnified due to the technical capabilities of the PS4, and he also touched upon Sony’s newfound stance on indie support:

“Sony has been incredibly supportive and available and [PlayStation 4], in my opinion, is incredible to develop for.

It is awesome, and I don’t want to speak disparagingly about any existing or prior platforms, but we showed Warframe for the first time to our entire studio, and everyone had their jaws on the floor, how 1080p, silky smooth and beautiful it was.”

Warframe Shooter

The deal with Sony was “attractive” for the studio due to the fact that Digital Extremes “retain[s] control of the game, and we don’t have to necessarily get into bed with a publisher and sell away our ideas and kind of lose our creative vision for the game.”

It will be interesting to see how well the title is adapted onto the PlayStation 4, where the game will make use of the DualShock 4’s touchpad.

Along with Warframe, Perfect World’s fast-paced free-to-play shooter Blacklight: Retribution is also slated to make a crossover from PC to console gaming.

If you’re unfamiliar with the “space ninja shooter” known as Warframe, it’s a dynamic and visually unique free-to-play shooter where gamers customize their own alien character and take part in battles in various gametypes for online glory. The game features an impressive amount of skillset customization and has a distinct sci-fi flair that’s all its own, and many gamers have related it to an infusion of Mass Effect, Phantasy Star Online, and Ninja Gaiden.

For more information on Warframe, the free-to-play “space ninja shooter”, please visit the game’s official website.


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