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Fresh HTC M8 rumor calls for 5-inch Full HD panel, KitKat and Snapdragon 800

In spite of HTC’s recent financial struggles and the brand’s descending relevance in the high-end smartphone landscape, the Taiwanese are not ready to call it quits just yet, having a pretty encouraging “M8” handheld in the pipeline.


Encouraging but probably short of greatness, as the latest word around the street is the One follow-up will fall in line with current giants of competing Android OEMs and that’s pretty much it.

Specifically, according to always reliable industry insider @evleaks, the device pictured on the down low just last week will be a 5-incher with 1,080p resolution, quad-core Snapdragon 800 power and pre-loaded Android 4.4 KitKat.

Granted, KitKat is an exclusive Nexus affair right now, so any phone that’s to land in the near future with the latest version of Google’s OS out the box has to be treated like a big deal. Only by the time the M8 will go up for sale (February or March of next year), Android 4.4 will undoubtedly become the norm rather than the exception for flagships.


As for S800 and 5 inches of Full HD, I’m afraid they’re not even such a big deal these days, let alone next year. Think about it, with Qualcomm looking to intro a Snapdragon 800 sequel in January and Sony allegedly working on an Xperia with 2K display, all the M8 will do is confirm HTC has fallen one or two steps behind the competition. And worst of all, they’re not equipped to get back on their feet.

Still, the One makers have to preserve a glimmer of hope for the gadget that’s jokingly nicknamed the Two, as maybe it can snatch the limelight with a stunning camera, larger than ever battery, RAM boost or decent quality-pricing ratio. Oh, and let’s not forget about build quality, where HTC has always excelled. Fingers crossed.

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