Fuji Film showcases their newest concept tech product: A speaker that could simply be rolled in or out of a stretched sheet of film.


Thin flexible tech products don’t really look revolutionary anymore; we’ve had our share of presentations boasting bendable screens and even entire mobile units for the past few years.

Fuji Film is actually pushing forward the tech concept to another front. Aptly named as BEAT, or Bendable Electro Acoustic Transducer, the presentation of their thin, film-type speaker was first seen at the Digital Contents Expo 2013 last end of October.

Basically, the entire sheet of film is the speaker itself. The mixed piezoelectric ceramic-polymer material is capable vibrating to produce proper audible sounds when electric signals are fed into the sheet. The sheet itself is only 200 microns thick, which makes it even thinner than most standard paper sheets.  Also, because the sheet is designed to constantly vibrate and oscillate as an entire unit, sound quality would not be compromised even when it is bent, or folded during use.


While there aren’t any comprehensive demonstration videos to prove it, Fuji Film claims that the sound quality of these speakers is more or less the same as standard high-quality speakers. The concept is of course still very open for further development however. How this idea could combine with current flexible OLED screen technologies is something that we could quite look forward for.

Source: ITMedia (JP)