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Fuji Xerox Launches New SLED Printers For Homes and SMBs

Fuji Xerox

Yesterday, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific has unveiled their new Self-scanning Light-Emitting Diode (SLED) printers targeting at home and SMB users. In addition, the company also launched the first-ever pink laser printer. and introduced new after-sales initiatives.

James Henderson, president for Asia Pacific & China, Fuji Xerox Printer Channel, gave a brief insight about the company and the innovation technology milestones it has achieved through the years.

“Our main focus in our organization, in the early days, was looking out for the big businesses and the organizations that had large document needs. About seven years ago, we formed a group called Fuji Xerox Printer which brings the best technology down to small footprint for home users and small businesses. This is the first time I can actually lift a product with Fuji Xerox on it. Until today, you can never do that because Fuji Xerox products are big and they were doing huge amount of documents management for the companies,” Henderson said.

Vincent Sim, general manager for ASEAN, Fuji Xerox Printer Channel, was next to talk about the company’s growth and success, as well as the introduction of their new technology and service to customers.

“We have grown a 1000% since 2003 and many media tout that Fuji Xerox was the fastest growing printer business across Asia Pacific. In Q3 2010, we gained 12% market share which made us the third largest player . We have a strong heritage of products; in 1977, Xerox pioneered the laser printer that virtually revolutionize the entire printing industry. For print technologies, we have laser, which most of the other brands are using now; we have solid ink, most environmentally friendly as the ink are made from organic soya bean extracts; and SLED (Self-scanning Light Emitting Diode),” Sim remarks.

Ginny Foo, product marketing manager for Asia Pacific and China, (1st above pic) and Jolene Yeo, marketing manager for ASEAN, Fuji Xerox Printer, also introduced the new printers including the first-ever pink laser printer in the market, DocuPrint P205b.

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