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Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W1 Camera For Your 3D HDTV

Fujifilm have announced the launch of their new imaging technology: the “FinePix REAL 3D System”. The World’s first three dimensional (3D) digital imaging system that lets you enjoy three dimensional images without the need to wear special 3D glasses. The FinePix REAL 3D system incorporates a 3D digital camera “FinePix REAL 3D W1”, a 3D digital viewer “FinePix REAL 3D V1”, and 3D prints.

The REAL 3D w1 camera features the newly developed “FinePix REAL 3D lens System”.  To achieve a natural, 3D image, it was necessary to flawlessly layer together two images, so two Fujinon lenses were  installed. A robust aluminum die-cast frame has been used to protect the lenses from vibration and impact.

The “RP (Real Photo) Processor 3D” synchronizes data passed to it by the two lenses and two CCD sensors, to determine shooting conditions such as focus, brightness and tonality to instantaneously blend this information into a single symmetrical image, for both stills and movies. The 3D/2D LCD monitor features Fujifilm’s own LCD panel, exclusively for the display of 3D/2D images on digital cameras, allowing you to see beautiful, natural 3D images with the naked eye.

Advanced 3D mode – function for 3D experts
When using Individual Shutter 3D Shooting mode, the camera shifts to take the second shot after taking the first shot, and saves a single 3D image in the camera manually. This allows you to edit the 3D images, particularly useful for landscape photography where a 3D image is difficult to achieve, or conversely, macro shots, where the 3D effect can be too strong. Other modes include “Interval 3D Shooting” and “Parallax Control (3D tuning Function)”

2D photography – Powerful 2D still functions
The “Advanced 2D Mode” lets users take two different shots simultaneously by pressing the shutter once. With “Tele/Wide Simultaneous Shootings”, it is possible to take a close-up photo of the subject and, at the same time, a photo with a wider span – just by changing the settings of the two lenses. Achieving zoom and wide angle photography with single press of shutter.

Main features
– Capture and enjoy realistic 3D stills and movies
– Take 3D telephoto and macro shots with Advanced 3D Mode
– Standard 2D photographs can also be taken, just like conventional digital cameras
– Advanced 2D Mode lets you simultaneously take two shots at different settings
– Featuring the 3D LCD system, allowing 3D images to be viewed live whilst shooting
– Cutting edge design and the very latest, pioneering technology

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