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Fujitsu is a name closely associated to desktop, notebook and tablet PCs (under the Lifebooks series), laptop’s hard disks and even scanners. But for this review, the Japanese company has sent us a product which is not commonly seen in their product porfolio – an LCD monitor.

The desktop monitors have evolved from the large, bulky Cathode Ray Ttube (CRT) to the flat, space-saving Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Even the connectors have evolved from Video Graphics Array (VGA) to Digital Visual Input (DVI) and now, High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). With most display manufacturers also producing LCD TVs, the line between LCD monitors and LCD TVs are getting vague, especially when you can hook up your desktop or laptop to a LCD TV like how you would on a monitor.

Fujitsu has been in the PC business for many years and are well-known for their desktop, tablet and notebook PCs – under the Lifebook family – as well as laptop hard disks and scanners. It is not common to hear about a Fujitsu LCD monitor, especially when it is usually bundled together with the desktop PCs. But its probably the first time the company is retailing the display with higher specifications to give consumers more choices. Interestingly, the LCD monitor is classed under “Accessories”, which is also the category for hard drives, keyboards and mice.

We received the new 2205GL LCD monitor for this review. Here’s a look at its specifications:-

Model               : 2205GL (Part No. GW-TFT215B) 

Display Size     : 21.5-inch TFT (476.64 (H) x 268.11 (V) mm) 

Resolution       : 1920*1080 Pixels @60Hz (Full HD 1080P supported) 

Pixel Pitch        : 0.248mm (H) x 0.248mm (V)

Aspect Ratio    : 16:9

Frequency        : 56 – 75KHz(V)  31 – 83KHz(H)   

Display Colors  : 16.7M Colors (RGB 6 bit + Hi_FRC) 

Brightness         : 250 cd/m²

Contrast Ratio  : 50,000:1 (DCR) 

Response Time : 5ms

Viewing Angle   : 170°(H) / 160°(V) 

Power Supply    : 100-240V/50/60HZ

Signal Connection     : VGA, DVI 

Net/Gross Weight      : 3.5/5.0 Kg

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