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Fujitsu announces new Sandy Bridge notebooks for Spring 2011

Having said a lot about the new Fujitsu-centric technologies that will debut in Fujitsu's updated spring collection of notebooks this year, you must be wondering about the specifications of the devices. With 10 new notebooks up for grabs, consumers are definitely going to be spoilt for choice.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH761

Hailed as Fujitsu's technology flagship notebook model, the SH761 sits squarely in the premium range of Fujitsu's lifestyle offerings and is aimed that mobile professionals, tech enthusiasts and business users who desire a high-performance notebook complete with the latest gimmicks, while taking into consideration the total cost of ownership for such a system. 

The SH761 sports a 13.3-inch display and is powered by Intel's Core i7-2620M proccessor, which is clocked at 2.7GHz (3.4GHz on Turbo Boost), and comes with 4GB of memory for multitasking purposes. The notebook also features a modular optical disk bay which can be removed to further reduce the notebook's weight, or replaced with an additional hard disk (or batteries) for a larger storage capacity. A dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT520M graphics card featuring 1GB of VRAM provides the SH761's graphical solutions, while expansion ports consists of three USB ports (2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0), one VGA-out, a HDMI-out port, standard Ethernet and modem ports and a Port Replicator. Last but not least, the SH761 will also come bundled with Fujitsu's new zero-watt adaptor mentioned earlier.

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH761 will be available from April at the retail price of S$3,488.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH561

To label the LIFEBOOK SH561 as the 'lesser' counterpart of the SH761 shown previously will be a rather good hint about the type of consumers Fujitsu is targeting with its new SH561 notebook, and it shows if one takes a look at the differences in their specifications lists.

Unlike the SH761, the SH561 utilizes a slightly weaker Core i5-2410M processor which is clocked at 2.3GHz (2.9GHz under Turbo Boost), and offers Windows 7 Home Premium instead of Windows 7 Professional. Battery capacity has also been reduced, with the SH561 offering only a 5800mAH battery pack as opposed to the SH761's 6200mAH. Lastly, the SH561 also loses the USB 3.0 port: instead, users will get an additional USB 2.0 port which features Fujitsu's Anytime Charge technology.

Other than the aforementioned differences, the SH561 is essentially identical to the SH761 in other areas: it makes use of the same GeForce GT520M graphics card, the same modular optical drive bay and comes bundled with the same zero-watt AC adaptor found in its more powerful counterpart.

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH561 pricing has not been released yet, but Fujitsu has confirmed that the notebook will be available for sale from April onwards.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK NH751

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK NH751 is Fujitsu's first commercially available, top-end gaming notebook for the Singapore market: according to Fujitsu, this notebook has been specially designed for gaming enthusiasts who demand nothing short of "an immersive gaming experience". 

In order to deliver on that promise, the NH751 is stacked with high-performance hardware that has to be capable of handling even the most graphics-intensive games without users having to experience significant slowdowns. To that end, the NH751 features Intel's Core i7-2630QM processor, a 17.3-inch LED-backlit display panel capable of 300nits of brightness, 8GB of memory and NVIDIA's GeForce GT525M graphics card which is compatible with NVIDIA's Optimus technology. The NH751is also bundled with four USB 2.0 ports, an eSATA/USB combo port, HD audio in/out jacks, HDMI-out, VGA-out, DisplayPort and a 5.1 speaker system.

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK NH751 gaming notebook will be available from April at the retail price of S$2,988.

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