The bottom of the Notebook. The two velvet pads seem to be there
to protect the hard drive and CPU from excessive shock, and dampen noise.

This is what the battery looks like, a rectangular block rather
than a long bar.


A white interior.

The creamy white keypad may get a little stained after a period
of use. A touchpad for navigation may be tough to use if you have a sweaty palm.

The player function buttons above the keypad allows one to play
CDs or DVDs conveniently. They also serve as Application Launch Buttons- Internet,
Email and two other programmable applications, something which I like about
this Notebook.

The LCD panel to the left is quite informative and lets one
track the battery life-span at a glance.

Powered her on. The glossy anti-glare panel is great for viewing
from a distant and from different angles. I like the image quality of the 15.4″
WXGA TFT view panel – texts were sharp and the colors are rich.