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Fujitsu LifeBook C1410 Notebook Review

Let’s take a look at how much performance one can expect
from Fujitsu’s Entry-level offering. First I ran and SuperPi 1M Calculation
Test and compared the results with tow other Notebooks, a Dell Inspiron 640M
with T5600 and a Toshiba TECRA M5 with T2500.

Not surprisingly, the Fujitsu Notebook lags behind and by quite
a fair margin too, about 17% slower than the other 2 Notebooks
in terms of Processor’s Numbers Crunching power.

Next, I conducted an all round test on the Notebook with Futuremark’s
PC Mark 05:

CPU results on the Fujitsu lags behind by 20%, Memory performance
by 15%, the only thing this Notebook has going for it in terms of performance
is the Hard Disk Drive performance, which outshines the other 2 Notebooks by
quite a margin.

Take a look at SiSoft Sandra’s Synthetic Test Results below:

Particularly low is the Memory bandwidth, for DDR2 667MHz Memory
this score is way low, thanks to the Single Channel handicap.

I don’t expect much gaming performance with this Notebook.
Fired up Unreal Tournament 2004. In order to get any sort of playability, I
tuned down some settings in the menu:

The game was just barely playable, quite torturous to play
actually since the pace of gameplay is intensely fast. As FRAPS tracked the
Frames Per Second, I saw an average of 20fps. 20fps for a slow-paced Role-Playing
Game is fine and dandy, but for a fast-paced FPS, I’d call it unacceptable.
Actually, before you blame the integrated GMA 950, the problem lies more with
the System power. I have seen UT2004 run much smoother on similar IGPs with
some other Notebooks, so evidently, the bottleneck is with Processor and Memory
performance than Graphics, in this case. Turning down to 640×480 without much
increase in frame rate confirmed this thought.

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